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I grew up on the west coast and visited the county fair on a regular basis.  But, when my husband and I relocated to the midwest we had the opportunity to attend the Minnesota State Fair, which is quite a unique experience.

The fair is also referred to as The Great Minnesota Get-Together, and for good reason.  Every year millions of visitors descend upon this event that only lasts about a week and ends on Labor Day. And some of the most popular attractions - aside from the farm animals, the butter queen and her court and the myriad of new foods on a stick - are the big name acts that come through and are featured at the Grand Stand.

I wanted to capture the feel of an evening at the Minnesota State Fair - a sort of 'ultimate date night': from the music and lights, to the dancing and all of the other sites and sounds that are associated with the fair. I tried really hard to put in a good word for Sweet Martha's Cookies, but you'll just have to image it as you listen.

I think Carrie Underwood's voice would work well with this one or Miranda Lambert.

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