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Little Red Dress

In recent years I've been so disturbed by the number of violent crimes committed against women that have been featured in the news.  One incident in particular that struck a nerve was in 2014, when it was reported that a young man had killed several people near the University of Santa Barbara as retribution due to his frustration over not being able to find a girlfriend, which he indicated had lead to his hatred of women.  

In his mind, he felt that women owed him their affection and that their lack of attention to him was justification for his revenge.  He was quite obviously a disturbed young man, who was being treated by a therapist, but who was unsuccessful at assuaging his desire for some type of revenge.

I abhor violence of any kind, but in this song I imagined a scenario in which the potential victim is able to defeat her attacker. 

I think this one would work with Carrie Underwood's voice or Christina Aguilera.

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