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Liberty Belles

This song came out of left field for me as I don't have much experience with honky-tonk music.  However, I was under the influence by someone who knows the genre well.

I had the opportunity to work with a versatile and accomplished drummer in the Twin Cities, who is also quite a character.  This guy is in to cool, classic cars, 1950's Americana kitsch, tattoos and honky tonk! I think it's safe to say he planted a musical seed in my ear from which this song sprang.

Somehow I go latched on the phrase 'you'd better hope she finds you before I do'.  That seemed like a story waiting to be told, so I began to think about who might say something like this, who the antagonist might be, what effect that antagonist's behavior might have on a group of people and how those people would deal with such a person. Having some experience in this type of situation, the story - as well as the music - easily wrote itself.  The only thing I couldn't figure out easily was the title of the song. 

The chorus melody, harmony and the number of syllables were obvious except for the actual was really a matter of just finding two words - four syllables -  that fit within the phrase. I finally landed on 'Liberty Belles', which made perfect sense in terms of where this story's transgressions take place and the group of people that were affected.

As usual, I did a Google search to see how many other songs out there might have the same title and came across some very interesting results: there is a ladies volleyball team, a Broadway musical, a women's choir, a 'homemakers' group...and then, there's a web site featuring pin-up girls dress in camouflage bikinis (if that) toting an arsenal of various military grade firearms.  Not exactly what I had in mind when I was writing this song, but if anyone could deal with a traveling Cassinova it would be these ladies!

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